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Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is like a puzzle where as each day go by, a new piece is connected. Whether it is yourself getting married or if you are simply helping a friend or family member to plan a wedding, there are many aspects to consider in advance such as the wedding dress and accessories, venue, wedding theme and decorations, the caterer, the wedding cake, flowers, invitations, make the guests list, hire the photographer, DJ, Band and wedding music, just to mention few ones.

Many brides prefer to hire someone else to do everything for them, focusing their attention on the aspects directly related to them such as choose the gown, the makeup and other personal related details, but some others prefer to invest in a "how-to" guide and gather a group of friends to distribute the work and make the planning a more pleasant and rewarding task.

Once decided if the planning will be a solitaire work in progress or a friendly group task, define the wedding budget and other parameters that will have direct influence in your plans because at some point the joy may become stressful and sometimes a frustrating situation.

Immediately after the official wedding announcement, start planning as early as possible because most service providers are booked early in the year, causing conflicts with the date in which your wedding will be held if the service is only available after it will happen, although there is always the option to research and find another option to book the date.

As important as the anticipation, is to know the reputation of the service providers in prospect, and put in everything in writing for any special arrangement, deal or specification included in the quoted price. Keeping a copy of all contracts and receipts will save you from future headaches.

Stay organized, is the key to avoid feel overwhelmed even before start. Write down the action plan, delegate tasks and keep a weekly track of everyone's progress, only involving persons who genuinely share in your happiness and love, to avoid get frustrated asking to someone to be in your wedding plans out of obligation if they do not feel any interest to participate.


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