Dream Wedding Themes

A wedding is everyone's ultimate dream event. And it is for this reason that planning for a wedding is something that almost all women look forward to. For a bride-to-be, nothing is more exhilarating than the events leading to the day of the wedding. You couldn't wait to get started, but once you're in the thick of preparations, you would realize that it would not be as easy as you imagined it to be.

While you can leave all the planning to a wedding consultant, it would always be better to start off with something you already have in mind. It would spare you from having to go through many ideas that would surely leave you confused and undecided at a certain point. Know where to look for ideas.

You don't have to rely on your wedding organizer to help you choose the theme for your wedding. Read some books on wedding planning, ask your friends or relatives for suggestions, or search your way through countless wedding websites on the Internet.

You will never run out of unique and creative ideas for a themed wedding. To help you get started, here are some unique ideas for your wedding:

Romantic Theme

If you want to go romantic, why not have a Shakesperean-inspired wedding? You can start with your wedding invitations printed with Shakespeare quotes, or written in Shakesperean-era language. For Romeo and Juliet inspired decorations, use wrought iron candle holders and lots of candles in the wedding reception.

Butterfly Theme

Butterfly-themed weddings are popular. Other members of the entourage, from the Maid of Honor down to the bridesmaids, can wear gowns adorned with glittering butterflies. You can even turn it into a fairy-tale theme with little flower girls wearing butterfly wings and flower tiaras. Applique butterflies can also be sewn unto the gowns of the female entourage. And of course, the bride will stand out with a butterfly-designed tiara.

Beach Theme

Exchanging I do's on the beach is an absolute thrill for beach-loving couples and their guests. Since it will be light and breezy on the beach, the bride can wear something light and simple, such as a flowing white dress, with an orchid tucked in her ear or a flower tiara. Male members of the entourage can wear light clothing in white or beige color, while the females can wear flowing sundresses and wide brimmed hats. Don't forget to send beach themed wedding invitations - this is a nice chance to get creative with the beach invitations.

Garden Theme

Taken after the "wedding breakfast" British tradition, a garden-themed wedding would also be perfect for outdoor lovers. Nothing can be more romantic than exchanging vows amidst the fresh scented garden of flowers and trees, with warm and soft breeze blowing around you. You can take it a little further by adorning the tables with scattered flower petals. Enhance the natural beauty of your surroundings by placing all white dining settings such as white tablecloth for tables, chairs, napkins, or plates.

The possibilities are endless. Bear in mind, though that first, you must choose a theme that would set the mood that you want for your wedding day. If you want to put a solemn tone to the occasion, consider having a traditional wedding. But if you want it to be casual and fun, you might consider having a garden or a beach-themed wedding.

One more important consideration is your budget. Before you get all too excited with those wedding decors and favors, make sure that you know the limitations of your budget. If there is much to spare, then, by all means be more creative by incorporating ideas from two or more themes. But if there are budget constraints, consider your options very carefully without, of course, making a major compromise on the aesthetic aspect of the whole thing.