Planning with the Right Bridal Shower Favor

Before the big day, many brides will be thrown a bridal shower. A popular custom is to make the shower a surprise since the bride will be planning the wedding. The thought behind this custom is to help relieve some of the stress of planning the wedding, at least for a few hours; allowing a bride to just celebrate her upcoming wedding with a close group of friends.

In recent years, bridal showers have not just been a closed party for females, but the trend of a combined bridal shower with males and females have become a popular approach.

Since the bride is unaware of her shower, the bridal favors have to be chosen by the planning committee; usually the bride's mother and a few close friends. Depending on the type of bridal shower theme, the favors usually coincide with this. For example, if the shower is a combination of females and males, usually the favors are something neutral like a candle with a candle holder and a ribbon with the future bride and groom's name written on it.

The challenge is to make the wedding favors different from the bridal shower favors. By enlisting some help from friends or wedding planners, wedding favors ideas can begin to flow. As this is occurring, make sure to write down all the brainstorming ideas so you can go back later, review, and decide which favor to use.

Wedding favors do not have to be expensive and still impress your wedding guests. Buying favors in bulk also will help keep the price down per item.

These are only a few ideas about how to decide on favors for a bridal shower or wedding. Remember, your bridal shower and wedding guests are not expecting a huge present while they arrive at their table.

Your guests are attending to share in your special day; make an effort to show your thanks by adding a small token of your appreciation to their table setting with a wedding favor.