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Friendly Crossways Retreat Center

Friendly Crossways Retreat Center

At Friendly Crossways unique, romantic, rustic-chic outdoor ceremony sites include: an outdoor "cathedral" in a glade composed of towering trees, on a granite outcropping, along the bank of a natural grassy ampitheater, under a maple tree in full fall color, or on a lovely green lawn, bordered by traditional New England stone walls and perennial flower beds.

Areas: Boston, Massachusetts, New England
Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Massachusetts Horticultural Society

The grounds and buildings of Elm Bank, home of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, are the ideal setting for celebrating weddings and holiday parties or for holding corporate events. Located just 20 minutes outside of Boston, Elm Bank has more than 30 acres of fields, forests, and formal gardens as well as a collection of architectural masterpieces.

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Massachusetts JPs

Massachusetts Justices of the Peace can perform a marriage ceremony anywhere within the state, and are usually willing to travel to where the wedding is taking place.

Fees will range from $100, for a simple ceremony at the Justice Of The Peace office, to as high as $400 if the justice has to travel, or if it also includes a rehearsal.

It's best to simply inquire about all costs ahead of time using our simple contact form next to each officiant.